Palisade Fencing

The advantage of palisade fencing over other forms of perimeter walls is that it is almost impossible to climb or cut. Palisade provides a high level of protection from the intruder at a reasonable cost. The increase in crime and vandalism has dictated the need for a secure perimeter fencing system and Palisade is increasingly seen by  Insurance companies alike as a very effective solution to the problem of keeping unwanted intruders out. We have a number of different options to cover all levels of security and price.
Available in a wide variety of specifications, our palisade fencing range is flexible when it comes to meeting the requirements of its application and supremely rigid when installed.

Palisade comes in varying heights from 0.9m up to 3.6m high. There are 2 profiles of pales available, either a D profile or W profile pale and a choice of tops, either triple pointed or rounded and notched. It is also available with or without anti intruder layers. The finish is generally galvanised or it can be galvanised and polyester powder coated.

Range Summary

Heights: 1500 mm to 3000 mm as standard

Finishes: Galvanised or galvanised and colour coated

Common Applications

  • Medium security
  • Industrial
  • Schools
  • Commercial

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is the best choice where security is required but without an intimidating and oppressive appearance. It is an adaptable, attractive close mesh fencing system and is particularly suitable for use in prestige locations where visual appeal is essential. 

The mesh comes finished with a polyester powder coating over a galvanised wire substrate. It gives a hard wearing and durable presentation and ensures long life expectancy for the fence. Quinn Mesh Fencing has been designed to be strong and resilient, whilst providing a high degree of unobtrusive security with elegance. Ideal for security where visual appeal is important.